offers a new paradigm in advisory and consulting services to the financial services industry. Unlike the strategy consulting firms, the large professional services firms, and IT systems integrators, Finantrix is different in many ways.


Professionals with deep domain expertise and consultative problem solving skills.


Spot consulting that is big on results with a small footprint.


Retainer based arrangements for ongoing and proactive guidance.


Low overheads result in a reasonable fee, but high quality advice.


Quick turnaround with some engagements delivered the SAME DAY.


Behind the scenes or in the forefront. Your CHOICE.

Financial Services to the Core

Finantrix focuses on serving the needs of financial services industry. We know the industry in-depth and have many years of experience across the board.
“There’s a way to do it better – find it.” - Thomas Edison

Moving the Needle in Financial Services Transformation can offer advisory and consulting services in the following areas and a listing of some representative engagements.

  • Idea Validation
  • Rapid Research
  • Innovation Incubation
  • Transformation Roadmaps
  • Strategy Development
  • Target Operating Models
  • Vendor Evaluations
  • Current State Assessments
  • Greenfield Product Definition
  • Requirements Definition
  • IT Transformation
  • IT Value Assessments
“My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.” - Peter Drucker

Light Footprint, Substantive Results

Our consulting engagements are quick – from a few hours to a few days. Of course, occasionally they span a few weeks. . We do most of our work remotely. We are not an army of consultants. Think of us as an elite swat team of experts focused on a problem
Our rates are reasonable and don’t cost you an arm and a leg. But we are not too cheap either. We believe in the adage “You pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys.”

Contact Finantrix for Consulting

Engagement Details

What’s Next?

  • Please submit a request with as much detail as possible.
  • Very quickly, we will let you know whether this fits our expertise and philosophy. And if so, we will engage with you to define the problem/opportunity.
  • After understanding the assignment, we will help define scope and deliverables.
  • Get minor things like MSA (Master Services Agreement) and a SOW (Statement of Work)
  • Get to Work and keep you abreast of progress on an ongoing basis.
  • Collaborative work efforts with interim deliverables and iterative refinement
  • Finalize deliverable that focuses on outcomes, not just the artifact.