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Financial Services Account Opening Digital Transformation Project Plan is a list of items commonly included in an account opening transformation project. The sample project plan is comprehensive and fully customizable.


What does the Financial Services Account Opening Digital Transformation Project Plan include?

  • The project plan is a customizable spreadsheet with about ~150 rows of Project Plan items.
  • The Sample Project Plan comprises of both business and technical project plan activities. However, the primary emphasis is on business related activities.

What do I not get?

  • Does not include detailed project details, dates, resource loading, and dependencies.
  • We expect those items to be done by you or with our professional services assistance.

What is in the Financial Services Account Opening Digital Transformation Project Plan?

The customizable sample project plan includes about 150 rows of project plan activities and milestones. The broad scope of Sample Project Plan Items includes:

  • Startup
  • Planning
  • Definition
  • Design
  • Development/Integration/Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Go Live

What is the format of the Account Opening Sample Project Plan?

The sample project plan for an Account Opening implementation is an Excel spreadsheet with an indented list of project planning activities, tasks, and milestones in a flat structure. You may import these into a traditional project planning software as a CSV file; or add items like start and end dates, dependencies and resources in the Excel file itself.


  • We cannot accept any returns as Finantrix Financial Services Account Opening Digital Transformation Implementation Considerations is a digital product.
  • Depending on your situation – size, location, customer types, adoption of digital sales and e-commerce, the scope of the transformation – some or all the project considerations may or may not apply to you.
  • Consulting firms that intend to use the deliverable at multiple clients have a different pricing and terms.
  • This digital product is Sold on an as-is, basis and no warranties.
  • If Finantrix does any updates to the product within 180-days, you will receive an updated/upgraded version.
  • Finantrix is offering this product as a standalone and does not include any customization of implementation help or support. If you need professional services assistance, please contact us.
  • Please review our standard terms of service and privacy policy.

Is this a “Real” Project Plan?

Yes. The items are actual project plan activities. The deliverable includes raw “activities, ” and “milestones” – some of which may or may not apply to you and you may have to add a few others. To convert the list of activities into a real project plan, you will still need to assign start and finish dates, mark dependencies, estimate effort, and align resources. That is when project plan “items” will become an accurate project plan.

How should we use the Account Opening Digital Transformation Project Plan?

We all know starting from a blank slate and creating a project plan involves cost, effort, and time.
Finantrix sample project plan can help accelerate the time to completion by providing a solid list of project planning activities. By having a sample list, teams can easily modify, add and delete to tailor a sample plan to something that reflects the essence of your enterprise project plan to transform account opening function.

Our company is different. Does it help us?

We understand and acknowledge each company is unique in its way. The differences may arise due to project planning approaches, the scope of the project, and the extent of transformation. Despite all the differences, at a fundamental level transforming account opening is similar. A project plan involves a step by step activity list of how you plan, define, design, develop, deploy and run your systems.

Last but not the least, we don’t expect our Sample Project Plan deliverable (or any other sample deliverable, in fact) to fit you 100%.

We expect you to use Finantrix Sample Project Plan as a straw model and use them as a springboard to achieving the desired level of specificity and customization.

We offer professional services help to tailor the sample project plan into a full-fledged project plan by adding the necessary ingredients such as start and end dates, resources needed, dependencies, and sequencing.

What if we already have a project plan?

You can use Finantrix Project Plan to cross check whether you covered all the bases. That way you won’t miss out on critical project planning activities.

Who should use the Financial Services Account Opening Digital Transformation Project Plan?

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Savings and Loans
  • Brokerage firms
  • Asset and Wealth Management Firms
  • Insurance companies (even though the underwriting and ratings make it a slightly different ballgame.)

Financial Services Account Opening Digital Transformation Project Plan


Licensing Options
Product FAQs