Financial Services Account Opening Digital Transformation Toolkit is a comprehensive and in-depth set of deliverables which can be can be used by any enterprise embarking on an account opening transformation, and customize to their unique needs.

What does the Financial Services Account Opening Digital Transformation Toolkit include?

  • Transformation Toolkit comprises of a set of in-depth and invaluable deliverables, many of which are PowerPoint presentations, as well as Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.

The following are some of the artifacts included in the Financial Services Account Opening Digital Transformation Toolkit:

  • Business Case and Roadmap
  • Capability Model
  • Business Requirements
  • Change Management Plan
  • Implementation Considerations
  • Software Features
  • Vendor Scan
  • Vendor Evaluation Matrix
  • Project Plan
  • Program Checklist


  • We cannot accept any returns as Finantrix Bank Digital Account Opening Best Practices is a digital product.
  • Depending on your situation – size, location, customer types, adoption of digital sales and ecommerce, the scope of the transformation – some or all the best practices may or may not apply to you.
  • Consulting firms that intend to use the Finantrix Bank Digital Account Opening Best Practices at multiple clients have a different pricing and terms.
  • This digital product is Sold on an as-is, basis and no warranties.
  • If Finantrix does any updates to the product within 180-days, you will receive an updated/upgraded version.
  • Finantrix is offering this product as a standalone and does not include any customization of implementation help or support. If you need professional services assistance, please contact us .
  • Please review our standard terms of service and privacy policy.

What is a Transformation Toolkit?

Finantrix Transformation Toolkits are high-quality deliverables, which can be used for any enterprise transformation of key functions, such as finance, supply chain, human resources, marketing, CRM, and business intelligence. These specific and relevant deliverables can be quickly customized to a firm’s unique needs.

What is the advantage of buying a Transformation Toolkit?

The following are the key advantages of a Transformation Toolkit compiled by

The Time to Value:

Instead of starting from blank slate, teams can start with a solid base and complete critical deliverables in a short time.

Focus on Execution:

The main task of project teams is to make the transformation successful, instead of spending several cycles and months in defining artifacts and deliverables.

Cost Savings:

Compare the price to hiring costly consultants. Or internal teams spending several months in planning, iterating and refining the deliverables. Eitehr way, Finantrix toolkits are a fraction of the cost.