NetGate’s pfSense is an open-source firewall that runs in the cloud. It can also be deployed on NetGate appliances. Its features include:

  • Optional multi-node clustering
  • Transparent caching proxy
  • Reporting dashboard with configurable widgets
  • Local and remote logging with real-time updates
  • VPN with IPv6 support, split and multiple tunneling
  • VPN tunnel failover
  • Web-based configuration wizard and customizable dashboard
  • Encrypted automatic backup to NetGate servers
  • Compatible with AWS or Azure
  • Stateful packet inspection, GeoIP-blocking, and anti-spoofing
  • Bandwidth throttling and load balancing

pfSense is a UTM solution providing user authentication and time-based rules. Customers may purchase support. However, network segmentation requires workarounds, and the firewall lacks documentation, as do most open-source solutions.


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