Azure/Azure Virtual Machines


Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service provider, and it, too, is a leading IaaS platform. Like some of the other big names, Azure positions itself as more than just an IaaS platform. Its suite of products certainly covers the bases of IaaS and then some, but you won’t find a clearly defined “IaaS package” or equivalent.

This approach is ideal for large businesses that know what they need, but it can create difficulty for smaller or less cloud-savvy firms.

Narrowing the focus to Azure Virtual Machines, that particular product gives you deep flexibility in virtualization. Whether you need VMs to do development and testing or to run applications key to your business operations, Azure has configurations available. It’s also a viable solution for augmenting your data center with greater compute power.

Azure supports Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, and SAP. Clients include Kainos, Pepsico, the American Cancer Society, Bosch, and the Make a Wish Foundation.


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