IBM Cloud is a massive, full-service, customizable approach to the cloud. Of course, IaaS is a part of the suite, but there’s far more here than just IaaS. Still, as a significant player offering elements no one else can match, IBM Cloud deserves its place on this list.

If Google Compute Engine is potentially too narrow in its scope, IBM Cloud runs the opposite risk.

IBM Cloud includes access to some impressive IBM exclusives, including access to the IBM Watson supercomputer and the use of Watson Assistant. Performance is outstanding, as is the scope of IBM’s global footprint. The company runs data centers all over the place, making it an ideal partner for large, global enterprise businesses.

IBM Cloud virtually assumes that customers will work with IBM professionals to set up and configure solutions. As a result, it’s not a simple or necessarily intuitive solution for firms that want to set things up themselves.

Coca-Cola, Etihad Airlines, Ameritrade, KPMG, and American Airlines all trust IBM Cloud for various cloud needs.


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