Jira from Atlassian is a favorite of the IT industry. That doesn’t mean other departments don’t use it for project management, but it has become tailored towards technology development. Jira supports Kanban and hybrid agile models. Kanban boards are flexible enough to maintain updates with minimal effort.

Scrum boards can fit a team’s workflow through customization. They are used to visualize a sprint. Backlogs move automatically to the next sprint. Task management includes:

  • Assigning tasks to individuals or teams
  • Tracking progress
  • Identifying roadblocks

Task-level controls make it easier to stay on top of project progress.

Reporting uses real-time data that enables a deeper look at productivity. Jira also integrates with developer tools and supports thousands of add-ons with rich API capabilities. Because of its maturity, Jira has a large community of active users that can help new users.

Jira’s features include the following:

  • Collaboration Tools
  • Gantt Charts
  • Kanban and Scrum Boards
  • Milestone Tracking Roadmaps
  • Code to Bug Correlations
  • Automation

Jira has been in use since 2002, so its range of capabilities has grown with the industry.


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