Zoho Sprints provides a collaborative and iterative approach to work, which is the essence of agile philosophy. Zoho’s software shines with its ability to manage backlogs and track tasks from one sprint to the next. This process makes it easier to prioritize items and move them to upcoming sprints or the backlog.

The agile management software allows users to personalize scrum boards, customize work statuses, and streamline processes through checklists and labels. It even provides estimation points that can help determine the time to complete the current sprint. The solution supports user stories, bugs, and tasks.

The Global-View tracks progress across multiple projects, giving each project a dashboard. Sharing these dashboards enables teams to view project status, find actionable items, and create cumulative flow diagrams. The status timeline lets users identify bottlenecks and unnecessary tasks that can be eliminated to improve performance.

Project feeds provide live updates on project activities, and the meeting module enables meeting scheduling. Time tracking of billable and non-billable hours comes with a timer to provide reports on logged hours. The personalized dashboard provides reports and metrics to help with continuous improvement.

Integrations extend Zoho Sprints capabilities. An import wizard helps ingest data from Jira, while built-in tools integrate with GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket. Other features of Zoho Sprints include support for:

  • Parallel sprints
  • Custom scrum boards
  • Epics
  • Releases
  • Reports
  • Tool Integration
  • WIP limitations

Zoho offers other applications that can increase product features.


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