Ravetree is an agile management tool for both software developers and agile organizations. The product includes project management, resource planning, time and expense tracking, CRM, and digital asset monitoring. By using file sharing and online comments, the product promotes communication and collaboration.

Agile tools support Kanban and Scrum boards and epics and user stories. Users can plan sprints and easily manage backlogs through a drag and drop interface that allows task reassignments. Customize workflows, create hierarchies with epics and manage user stories from a single console.

Ravetree has received excellent ratings for its customer support. Other features of Ravetree’s product include:

  • Backlog Management
  • Custom Workflows
  • Sprint Planning
  • Epics and User Stories
  • Scrum Support
  • Kanban Boards and Gantt Charts
  • Status Tracking
  • Request Management

Ravetree’s product operates as a single source of truth for teams for agile and waterfall methodologies.


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