Taiga is an open-source project management solution designed for Scrum and Kanban frameworks teams. It operates as a SaaS or on-premise as a managed or unmanaged solution. The basic plan is free, but added features are available through one of their paid plans.

The solution supports Kanban templates for epics, sub-tasks, WIP limits, and user story archives. It also provides Scrum support, and converting from one framework to another is simple to navigate. Boards are available to plan backlogs and sprints, measure user story points, and track task statuses.

The agile software tool offers visibility of all completed deliverables, ongoing activities, and resource usage. Reports include performance tracking, progress bars, and colorful charts. Custom reports are available. Given that it is an open-source solution, many teams choose to deploy the solution on-premise.

Software capabilities include:

  • Backlog and Sprint Planning
  • Epics with Sub-tasks
  • User Story Archives
  • Project Templates
  • Resource and Time Allocation
  • WIki
  • Team Performance Dashboard

Taiga’s open-source solution is an entry-level option for those wanting to explore agile management software.


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