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Schwab backpedals on PortfolioConnect multi-custodial feature


Despite years of assurances of a multi-custodial platform as a part of the next generation PortfolioConnect launch, Schwab backpedals on the multi-custodial capability. Andrew Salesky, Senior Vice President, Digital Advisor Solutions sought to manage expectations about the upcoming release of PortfolioConnect when he suggested that it would be “a streamlined platform” [...]

Banks monitor what you type


According to New York Times, banks monitor what you type, swipe, and tap.  According to The Times: "The way you press, scroll and type on a phone screen or keyboard can be as unique as your fingerprints or facial features. To fight fraud, a growing number of banks and merchants [...]

The enormity of Ant Financial


MarketWatch outlines the scale and sheer enormity of Ant Financial, the Chinese financial services behemoth founded by Jack Ma. (Ma is also the founder and CEO of Alibaba.) According to MarketWatch: It handled more payments last year than Mastercard, controls the world's largest money-market fund and has made loans to tens [...]