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Tokens instead of stock options


According to Joyce Yang writing in TechCrunch, "Token structuring and tokeneconomics are among of the most important considerations when designing a blockchain. When thinking about how best to distribute these tokens, founders often think about how the tokens will impact external stakeholders such as their investors, the community, and stakers (people [...]

Fintech is transforming microcredit


In an interview with Knowledge@Wharton, Robert Dunn, Executive Global Director of Opportunity International, a Chicago-based nonprofit discusses how Fintech is changing the ways microfinance and microcredit works. “The concept of fintech is very exciting, particularly in respect to credit scoring and figuring out what products are needed by different people.” - [...]

The Rise of Crypto Funds

2018-08-31T08:38:04+00:00 has an article about the rise of the crypto funds by a guest contributor. The year of 2017 witnessed a jaw-dropping increase in the market cap of cryptocurrencies, and the crazy money effect that followed has attracted an influx of funds at an unprecedented velocity. While individual-oriented financing activities [...]

Fintechs’ Subprime foray


According to The Wall Street Journal, Fintechs are increasingly stepping into the subprime lending arena, a sector that had a significant causal relationship with the last great recession. The Journal's article states: Financial-technology startups are stepping into a void increasingly left by credit-card-issuing banks: lending to customers with poor credit [...]

PayTM mutual funds have garnered a five million waitlist


Paytm, the payments giant in India has garnered a prelaunch waitlist of 5 million users, according to media reports.  Many companies would die to get to five million consumers in their lifetime.  But it seems Paytm, the giant payments system in a country of 1.5 billion, has no trouble signing [...]

Facebook banking?


Is Facebook, the social networking giant, getting into banking services? The tech and banking worlds are abuzz while privacy advocates are up in arms.  In a bid to boost engagement and make users stay within the Facebook ecosystem, the company has sought data on card transactions and checking account balances [...]

Northern Trust is betting big on Blockchain enabled services


According to Forbes, Northern Trust is making a lot of moves in the Blockchain space including supporting hedge funds that hold cryptocurrencies. Forbes reports: In addition to adding a number of new blockchain features for managing its private equity workflow, the company, which has almost $10.7 trillion in assets under custody [...]

Blockchain startups challenge investment banking giants


According to an article by Bitcoin magazine, several Blockchain startups are mushrooming in various niches of the investment banking space and challenging the hegemony of the bulge bracket Wall Street giants.  Blockchain, as savvy readers of Finantrix know, is the underlying framework for cryptocurrencies offering a distributed ledger. In the [...]

Constant Churn and New Twists in Fintech models confound banks


In the digital rat race, it is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller banks to keep pace due to the twin facts that the technology is evolving fast and the corporate M&A activity seems to remake the existing vendors. So, even before the ink is dry on a contract with a [...]

US Treasury Report on Fintechs


The United States Treasury Department released a report on Fintechs.  The report, which is 622 pages long, offers a slew of 80 recommendations that are aimed at tailoring regulations for nonbank financial institutions and encouraging the development of financial technology. Releasing the report, Steven Mnuchin, the treasury secretary states: "Creating a [...]