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US Hedge Funds assets top US $2.58 trillion


According to Preqin, US Hedge Funds assets top US $2.58 trillion.  As per the report, Public pension funds remain the biggest investors in hedge funds, with $302 billion allocated, Preqin said. This total has continued to increase, despite redemptions from other types of investors. Sovereign wealth funds, insurers, and asset managers have [...]

Hedge Funds soaring


Hedge funds are soaring, thanks to investor interest. Credit Suisse today released its Mid-Year Survey of Hedge Fund Investor Sentiment, entitled "Back In The Saddle", which polled over 275 institutional investors globally representing $1.04 trillionin hedge fund investments. Participants were surveyed on a number of topics, including key industry trends and [...]

Hedge Funds bearish gold bets


Hedge Funds bearish gold bets are not for the faint of the heart. In a sign of piling on - contrarians anywhere? - hedge fund short positions in gold futures exceed 2.7 million ounces. Bloomberg writes: Managed money funds’ position in Comex gold futures and options last week crashed to a net [...]