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Unified Managed Household Accounts Trends


What are the Unified Managed Household Accounts trends for the future? Do they augur well for the concept or is it being diluted and frittered away in all the Fintech hype and hoopla? Financial services professionals hear one question from their clients more often than any other: "Why can't you [...]

Insurance Industry BPO: Opportunities and Challenges


Insurance Industry BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is on the cusp of epochal change. The insurance industry has been and will continue to be in the midst of a technological upheaval that challenges the old ways of doing business. The market demographics of insurance customers are changing substantially, because baby boomers, [...]

Insurance Industry Commoditization


Nothing seems to scare insurance executives more than insurance industry commoditization. They fear that their companies will be relegated to the status of discounters; peddling bare-bones products at the lowest price with little or no service provided. These concerns are reinforced by the auto insurance market; where the Berkshire Hathaway [...]