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Wealth Management Trends 2025


The wealth management trends 2025 is an overview of what the state of the industry will be in 2025. Given the broader macro trends in the world – rise in wealth, the complexity of managing finances, the global nature of the investment opportunities, and technology reducing the friction in conducting [...]

Customer-centric digitalization of wealth management


Customer-centric digitalization of wealth management: The impetus for the digitalization of wealth management is rooted in the rising expectations of the customers and the onset of the Fintech revolution.  Of course, other macro trends such as a rise in global wealth, the burdensome regulatory frameworks, the massive shift toward passive [...]

Promoting Women in Financial Services


Given that the financial services industry has a long way to go in gender diversity, promoting women in financial services is a critical consideration. and McKinsey have conducted a survey and based on that have come up with a set of leadership perspectives on promoting women in general and [...]

Asset Management Portfolio Accounting Systems


Maintaining a good record of all transactions at a portfolio/fund level as well as at an individual level is a core function, and hence implementing one of the robust asset management portfolio accounting systems is a paramount consideration. Within asset management firms, portfolio accounting and reconciliation, a back-office function with [...]

Digital Transformation Disablers


Digital Transformation Disablers: How BFSI sector struggles with digitalization. Digital transformation is all the rage today. Enterprises the world over are embarking on digital initiatives – big and small, and transformative and tactical – to varying degrees of success. When one looks deeply at the digital disasters – the jaw-dropping [...]

How can banks compete against Fintechs?


How can banks compete against Fintechs outlines the core strategies bankers can follow to survive and thrive in this digital economy. Banks are under tremendous assault from an array of Fintechs which are unbundling every aspect of banking. Apparently, in recent years some of the behemoth banks have awoken from [...]

Banking Transformation Challenges


Banking Transformation Challenges - The top pitfalls in the digital transformation of a bank Holistic banking transformation is a strategic game plan to digitally transform a bank and reinvent the core areas of banking. As most top bankers realize, the digital transformation of banking is not a cake walk or [...]

Digital Transformation of a Retail Bank: A Case Study


Digital Transformation of a Retail Bank – A Case Study The ongoing revolution the Fintechs are waging in unbundling the banking services and the encroachment of tech giants into the banking world is making the digital transformation of a retail bank a strategic imperative. Most bank customers are willing to [...]

Digital Transformation of Commercial and Corporate Banking


        It seems much of the Fintech action in recent years has been in retail banking and for the casual observer, the digital transformation of commercial and corporate banking still appears to be stuck in the analog world. However, if one looks closely at the strategy and [...]

Wealth Management Digital Transformation


The wealth management digital transformation was not a big bang as one thought it might be or should be. While their banking brethren have undertaken a significant and radical re-architecture, the wealth management and private banking firms have largely been spectators except for a few firms dabbling in the Fintech [...]