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Wealth Management Trends 2025


The wealth management trends 2025 is an overview of what the state of the industry will be in 2025. Given the broader macro trends in the world – rise in wealth, the complexity of managing finances, the global nature of the investment opportunities, and technology reducing the friction in conducting [...]

Insurance Industry BPO: Opportunities and Challenges


Insurance Industry BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is on the cusp of epochal change. The insurance industry has been and will continue to be in the midst of a technological upheaval that challenges the old ways of doing business. The market demographics of insurance customers are changing substantially, because baby boomers, [...]

Insurance Industry Commoditization


Nothing seems to scare insurance executives more than insurance industry commoditization. They fear that their companies will be relegated to the status of discounters; peddling bare-bones products at the lowest price with little or no service provided. These concerns are reinforced by the auto insurance market; where the Berkshire Hathaway [...]

Insurance Industry Future Trends


What are the insurance industry future trends that will shape the landscape for years to come? In one word - digital. Of course, there are other insurance industry future trends that will have a significant impact - from demographics to regulations, from technology to unexpected competitors. The emerging technology and [...]

Low Annuitization Rates and Insurance Industry Implications


Annuity products have two phases, which are the accumulation phase and the payout phase. Annuity products usually offer options for the payout phase to receive the value of the payout as a single lump-sum payment, as a systematic withdrawal, or as an annuity payment. If the payout method selected is [...]

Artificial Intelligence and the Insurance Industry


The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the insurance industry is already ongoing and will substantially increase over the next decade. The expansion in the use of AI in the insurance industry comes from the trends of increased automation, data mining of “Big Data”, and analysis of information retrieved from [...]

Wealth Reporting: Out of the Dark Ages


Wealth reporting is coming out of the dark ages and into the digital era. Long gone are the days when wealth management reports were simply statements of a client's transactions during the previous quarter. Over the past decade, a growing number of wealth management firms have embraced reporting as a [...]

The Millennial Matters for Financial Services Industry


Millennials, adults aged 18-34, number more than 75 million in the United States in 2016. (Source: Pew Research Center.) What Millennials expect from their financial firms is, in some cases, very different from firms' traditional business models. In order to adapt, financial firms need to bridge that expectation gap. As [...]

Replacing Legacy Systems in Banks: Opportunities and Challenges


There have been a variety of challenges that face the banks when it comes to updating core systems in favor of technology that better meets customer demands and security standards. It is clearly to the institution's benefit to explore newer forms of technology, but each back has their own set [...]

The Premise and Promise of Personalized Insurance


The emergence of telematics as a data gathering tool for individualized pricing hold promise for the insurance industry. User-based insurance (UBI) has allowed auto insurers to more accurately track driver behavior, analyze risk, and fairly quote auto insurance products. The data derived from in-vehicle telecommunications devices also provides a basis [...]